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>>W E L C O M E !<<

This is a community created for sharing pictures and information of the Goth'n'Roll-band The 69 Eyes. If you don't know what a 'daily'-community means, the basic thing is that each and every post must include a picture. So, basically, you can post anything The 69 Eyes-related (exceptions coming up) as long as you include a picture (or many pictures - which is of course even better ;)) in your post.

>>R U L E S<<

1. As I already said, every post must include a picture.
- You can post icons, graphics etc., but the main point of the community is just normal pictures. Of course, you can post pictures with yourself with one of the guys - and perhaps share the story behind it!

2. No Off-Topic posting.
- This is a The 69 Eyes community. It means that all posts are to be kept 69 Eyes-centered. Still, just a small mention about The 69 Eyes can be posted, if it's something like 'The 69 Eyes are going to appear in [insert TV-show name or magazine etc.]'. News, new tour dates etc. are of course welcome, as well as fans' stories & reports about the gigs they've been to, or about meeting the guys. (JUST REMEMBER TO INCLUDE A PIC.)

3. Don't post fan fiction.
- You heard me. NO exceptions in this case.

4. No direct-linking.
- Upload the pictures to your own server (i.e. Photobucket), and link them from there. If you don't know how to link, learn.

5. Use the LJ-cut.
- If you post more than one picture, please put the rest of the pictures behind the LJ-cut. If you don't know how to, learn. Allso pictures wider than 500px must be under the cut. If you wonder why, it might fuck up some peoples Friend's Page -layout.

6. No offensive or trolling posts.
- If you can't be kind towards other members or keep repeating nonsense shit, I will kick you out of the community and your name will be added to the Wall of Shame. (At the moment there are no names, so wouldn't it be shameful to be the first one?)

- This means that you're not allowed to request someone to upload an Eyes-album for you, or post links to Eyes-albums that you've uploaded. If you are a fan, you will buy the album yourself. It's not my problem if you can't afford or can't find the album in a store near you; there's always eBay and Amazon.

Now, if you agree that the rules are reasonable, feel free to JOIN! And spread the word, of course ^^

Your moderators are me, silvestra, and valorock. If in need of contacting me, you can find all the necessary information in my user info. Also, affiliates are always welcome! <3

If you want to link to the community, feel free to use these banners:

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