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because I'm completely awake thanks to coffee (I can't believe I actually need it every morning now to function) I thought I'd make a pic spam, so, enjoy!

2008 Ruisrock The 69 eyes

metal hammer 2009, photo by lewis

Coffin Warehouse / Trikeula / 69 Eyes / 5-1-09

Area4 Festival - 25. August 2007

29.10.2008 foto: Prike AS

Ankkarock 2007 by GIVEthemHORNS at deviantart


"mesa/boogie artist"

June 18, 2009 in Melbourne, photo by Kaitlin at

Lukas & Jussi

live @ Tavastia, Helsinki 7.2.2008, photo by Jari Kaariainen

"Me, Jussi69 and Beppe "Joey". 1997 Parco Acquatica - Milan." photo-trash69

"Back in 1997. Me & Jyrki69 at Bulls Pub, Sarnico BG, The 69Eyes were still a great R'n'R band. Sorry but I don't like Goth shit" photo-trash69

"Back in 1997. Me & Timo-Timo, Parco Aquatica MI." photo-trash69

"Bazie of The 69Eyes with T'n'C Nr.02 in the hand. First Italian Tour of the Finnish band, 1997, Parco Acquatica - Milan." photo-trash69
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