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because I'm completely awake thanks to coffee (I can't believe I actually need it every morning now to function) I thought I'd make a pic spam, so, enjoy!

2008 Ruisrock The 69 eyes

metal hammer 2009, photo by lewis

Coffin Warehouse / Trikeula / 69 Eyes / 5-1-09

Area4 Festival - 25. August 2007

29.10.2008 foto: Prike AS

Ankkarock 2007 by GIVEthemHORNS at deviantart


"mesa/boogie artist"

June 18, 2009 in Melbourne, photo by Kaitlin at

Lukas & Jussi

live @ Tavastia, Helsinki 7.2.2008, photo by Jari Kaariainen

"Me, Jussi69 and Beppe "Joey". 1997 Parco Acquatica - Milan." photo-trash69

"Back in 1997. Me & Jyrki69 at Bulls Pub, Sarnico BG, The 69Eyes were still a great R'n'R band. Sorry but I don't like Goth shit" photo-trash69

"Back in 1997. Me & Timo-Timo, Parco Aquatica MI." photo-trash69

"Bazie of The 69Eyes with T'n'C Nr.02 in the hand. First Italian Tour of the Finnish band, 1997, Parco Acquatica - Milan." photo-trash69
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cool pics!!!! thanx)))))
Awesome pictures, but umm LJ-cut? Please?
shit sorry about that. i had one in but i guess it got messed up somewhere along the way. thanks for letting me know, it's all fixed now
Really mindblowing pictures, thank you ever so much for sharing!
Nice pics!

mmmm coffee....