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My pics from Oct 14 concert

I finally have all the cameras in one place so I can post our pics! Yay! We had SO many pictures, but a lot were dark, blurry, or captured the fog as well. *pout* I'm working on editing our videos so I'll update when I have that posted on youtube or something.

I have ONE picture of just Archzie..ONE! LOL

I thought this was pretty cool lookin lol

...Jussi looks a little silly here LOL

Proof Jussi is a god...

Jussi Wants YOU!

Looking through all my pics of Jussi...I realized I had a lot of Bazie's ass...

Why is it so hard to get a good pic of Jussi?

Because that Lil Devil moves so fuckin' fast!

I'm alsmot convinced if he drums hard and fast enough he could open a rift in time...

...Cuz in several pics he seemed to disappear!

Yes we know you're talented...I saw you drum while drinking a beer...

Drinking Beer + Drumming = my friend Ed (who had never heard the Eyes) saying "I fuckin love that guy"

I think that boy went through a CASE of beer....

Look at Needle Noggin go!

..And now onto the Jyrki pics....

Damn Vamps always freakin blending into the

Look I can see Archzie WAAAAY over there!

...Sweaty Vamp...

It's a little dark..but I thought it was funny it looked like Jyrki was going to bite Timo

In the words of my friend Ed "That mohawk guy looks SO badass"

Haha we had a lot of pics with the nice photographer lady in them too...

I adore Timo! He made funny faces on our videos LOL

He also seemed genuinely surprised we would drive 4 hours to see them

Whew! That's not even HALF of our pictures lol. And just wait til we work on some video captures! We have 45 minutes of video that I have to edit and take captures from when I have the time.
I've pretty much told all our stories in the comments of other posts, so I won't repeat myself lol. But we had a great time! We converted my friend Ed into an Eyes fanatic. Which means they'll probably get used in his comdey act now LOL. We've even taken to calling the band members what he calls them, just because it's too funny. ^^

Here are just a few names he has used to describe each band member:
Jussi is Needle Noggin..those who like the anime Trigun should get the reference. He is also called Monkey Man, Lil Animal Drummer, Barefoot Dude, Shake That Ass Boy, Kickass Drummer Dude That Knows His Godlike Powers And Uses Them For The Forces Of Good, and The Short One.
Timo is Kickass Mohawk Dude That Is Way Too Cool For Koolaid And Toatlly Rocks That Guitar, but for time's sake just Mohawk Guy. ^^
Jyrki is That Shadowy Vampire Dude That Rocks Those Fuckin Leather Pants, The Singer That Can't See Due To That Awesome Hair,The Dude That Has To Be Dizzy After Those Circle Dances, Wiggle Butt, and Elvis.
Archzie is That Guy We Can't See But Rocks The Hell Out Of DaBass and That Biker Lookin' Dude or just Biker Dude.
Bazie is That Fuckin' Awesome Guitarist That Kept Getting His Ass Photographed, The Guitarist That Looked Like He Wanted To Eat The Mic, Mister I'm Gonna Dance Forward And Backward Into Your Shots Of The Drummer Just Cuz I Think It's Funny, and "Tap That" Guitarist.

We had to find a way to keep ourselves awake during the ride home... listening to my friend come up with the most random ways of describing the band members while talking about about the show was one of them LOL.

Oh And did anyone know that We Own The Night was used in Saw VI?
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