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My 69 eyes concert experience~~



Ok, I woke up at like nine in the morning Sunday, Oct. 18th even though I totally knew the concert wasn't starting til seven. I couldn't sleep and I was sooo fucking excited. Anyway, I called my cousin around 11 and told him to come around 12:30 or 1 because we had to go to Maryland from Delaware. So I totally packed a shitload of sodas, the emails and ID and then we got on the road after eating around 2. We listened to Back in Blood, Hollywood Kills, and Humanoid by Tokio Hotel before my cousin started getting tired of it a bit...that's ok I had headphones LOL!! I was wearing purple and gray and black Jack Skellington knee-highs, a purple and gray cami with a fishnet long sleeved shirt and a light blue fleece jacket with black capris. The outfit was inspired by Jussi entirely because I saw him in an interview with knee highs and black capris.

Anyway, we arrived in Towson around four and looked around their city for a bit. We even went into a bar and watched some of the Ravens first time in a bar and I'm 21 but I look like I'm 12 and I didn't even get carded LOL!!! So we went to wait in line and got to talk to some other girls who were all pretty kool even if it was fucking colder than shit in Moscow!! I was shivering so bad that I thought I'd fall down and die but it got better around 5 when I heard the eyes practicing from the other side of the door!! At first, I thought I was hearing things but looking inside I could see half of Jyrki, Timo--Timo, and Jussi and it I was soo happy!! I got to hear Dommin practicing too but at the time I didn't know who they were LOL!!

More people showed up around 6 and we started all freaking out about the door opening and when it finally did, we were some of the first people in. The bar was fairly dark and it smelled a bit like dirt but I didn't care. I immeditately found me and my cousin and his friend a spot close to the front, we ended up in the second row. Nothing really good happened until seven thirty or like eight when the becomming came on. They were so energetic and I took a bunch of pictures of them before I realized disposable cameras suck LOL!! So I had to save my other camera for the Eyes and that meant when Dommin came on, there wasn't a lot of pictures I could take. I kinda like Dommin better and I fucking loved "Dark Holiday" and the first song they played "My Heart, Your Hands" which I found on rhapsody so YAY it's on my mp3 player now. My legs were starting to hurt around eight thirty and my stomach was reminding me I was neglecting it, but all I could think was that in a few minutes we were be seeing the eyes live. I got my wish sometime after nine when the lights dimmed again and a huge case of beer came out and was placed by Jussi's drums.

To say the least, I didn't have much of a voice all day Monday because of all the cheering and screaming and my right arm hurt from the horns and clapping, and my legs still hurt!! It was worth it but I didn't get home until 1am and I was kinda pissed because I was irritated that we got pulled over (just a warning no ticket) because my cousin is an idiot sometimes and also because I was the one paying the fucking tolls!! All in all, It was one of the best times of my short little life and it was my first real concert soo...I guess I'm no longer a concert virgin LOL!!

My favorite moments was Jyrki dancing and ass shaking which I tired to take as minute pictures as I could, Jussi doing everything short of breathing especially the beer drinking and the jerking off with the drumsticks, and I loved seeing Bazie singing back- up and getting really close to us...and he totally killed it in Kiss My Undead!! Oh and I love clapping just because Timo-Timo said to hehe. It was brilliant, and I totally went all looney when for the encore (we all screamed "69! 69!") they sung Lost Boys...I was jumping and rocking, and basically forgetting who I was in the moment!! I can't wait to do it again...hopefully with HIM next time and hopefully a meet and greet with the Eyes next time!


** Pictures



   My computer'
s being a bitch so I'll have to upload the rest of the pics later I'm sorry!!



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cool report, thanx)

my congratz with your first real concert, I can imagine your excitement and emotions about it^^ a second row is a very good result for the first time lol

and waiting for more pics ;)
thanks and yup second row was way more than i expected for a first concert. Now I can't stop talking about it and wanting to see them live again.

More pics soon I promise!! However...they might be on vam_livejournal since I can't post them well (computer not me) on 69 eyes daily. sorry about that by the way!
o man, sounds like a great show! thanks for sharing w/ us :)
oh you're welcome and the eyes like always are awesome in anything they do!
Haha! That sounds similar to my experience. Except I was up at 9AM! And didn't get home til 3:30AM. Thank Odin's beard for WaffleHouse!

Glad you had fun for your first concert! Ah I remember my first concert...System of a Down...16 yrs old....lying to parents about going...good times good times. ^^

I'm trying to edit my videos into one good one. Taking some time tho. I did get Jyrki and Jussi's ass shaking ^^ and Jussi being a monkey. Scared me to DEATH when he did that! Brilliant idea of putting Jussi's drum underneath the rafters LOL.
Hehe Like my icon? I took that picture ^^
*dies of envy*

I KNOW! It was they're last tour... *sniffle*
hehe you lied to your parents to see Sys. of a Down...what a bright Idea...I would have totally done that!!

WOW 3:30 am i would have passed out from too much partying hehe!!

I hope you put your videos up and honestly, I didn't even know I actually posted this right until now because my computer was being a bitch when I tried to do it...glad it worked!!

I LOOOOVVVEEEE your icon my dear and what a great shot...was he really acting like a monkey?? Oh and the ass shaking from Jyrki put me in a mental coma for a while...shit i was amazed when Jussi took a drink of beer...seriously, I just stood there watching him dumbfounded hehe!!
Yep and they didn't find out til bout 5 months later LOL. It was SO worth it.

We chugged Mt Dew the WHOLE way home. I had to stay awake with the driver. So I had to make random conversations when the other 2 fell asleep. When I had nothing to talk about (which happens when you've been in the car for a total of 6 hours) I would turn to her an say "Jussi is hot" LOL. I passed out as soon as I hit my bed.

I will when I have the time to edit it and fix the sound... it may end up just being the video with the new CD playing in the background.

Hehe yep he jumped up to grab the rafters twice. Once he flipped upside down and the other time he just hung there. I have both Jyrki and Jussi's ass shaking on video ^^
I can't wait to see the ass shaking from them hehe!! I tried to capture it but didn't but that's what the new DVD is for huh LOL!! I can't tell you how many times i watched it!! In fact, I almost missed the transit bus to school because of that DVD hehe~~

Oh and i had the wildest dream last night...I think I might be going rockstar crazy or something. Well, I recently found out (Technically paid attention) about Lovex and Vivian reminds me of Sir Christus a bit. Anyway, I dreamed he was at the concert and let my have his jacket and somehow we ended up at a pink house with Emilie Autumn...weird I know but I wish it were real!!

I dunno what do you think???
Haha you have definately gone rockstar crazy LOL
I have weird dreams all the time tho. So it's no big deal XD
yup it's ok I like being this kind of crazy!

I wonder if there's a livejournal for crazy dreams about rockstars...hmmm...